Father’s Day


Father’s Day Specials:

Buy 4 & Get 2 FREE Fudge


Buy 8 Turtles & Get 4 FREE

Original Ashley’s Homemade Fudge and Pecan Chocolate Turtles, A Perfect Father’s Day Gift.

Ashley’s presents original homemade fudge in many flavors and the flavors of chewy homemade caramel, crisp pecans and heavenly dark chocolate all combined into one piece of candy makes it a bite of heaven right here on earth..  

Home Made Fudge by Ashley’s – Shop Now

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Pecan Chocolate Turtles by Ashley’s – Shop Now

pecan-turtle-milk-chocolate pecan-turtle-miklk-chocolate-sea-salt-20160712_143851 pecan-turtle-dark-chocolate-sea-salt pecan-turtle-dark-chocolate cashew-turtle-dark-chocolate