Gummi Worms – Assorted Fruit / $3.25 per 1/2lb

Our Assorted Wild Fruit Gummi Worms are sure to wiggle their way to the top of your favorites. Each generously-sized worm is bursting with two fresh fruit flavors including Cherry, Green Apple, Pineapple, Lemon and Orange

Gummi Bears – 12-Flavor / $3.25 per 1/2lb

All your favorite flavors in one place! Enjoy the World’s Best Gummi Bears in 12 fresh fruity flavors. Flavors include: Cherry, Pink Grapefruit, Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Green Apple, Mango, Pineapple and Lemon

Sour Patch Kids / $3.25 per 1/2lb

Sour Patch Kids are a tasty, soft gummy candy with a coating of sour sugar, so the taste of the candy changes from sour to sweet in a delicious transition