Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: 15 reasons we should make mums feel special

Today is Mother’s Day, and we reckon you should make your mum feel special, because she’s probably the person that loves you the most in the entire world.

It’s a bit unfair that mums only get one day of the year where we really celebrate all the great things that they’ve done for us, and still continue to do. Being a mum is a life long job. Right from the moment you are born, to when you move out and start your own life, your mum never really stops caring about you and wondering if you’re okay. She is the best person in the world for a cuddle, a chat, and a good dose of honesty on why your latest Tinder date isn’t worthy of you.So take this day as an opportunity to make her feel really special.

1. She does EVERYTHING

She definitely must have a time machine because she does everything. From working, to cooking, cleaning and even making sure that she’s up to date on current affairs and a bit of Corrie. There is nothing that this woman cannot do within a 24 hour period.

2. The reason you’re here

Yep, if it weren’t for her carrying you around for 9 months, and then looking after you for your whole life you wouldn’t be here today.

3. Her pearls of wisdom

You learnt important stuff in school but the most useful life lessons all came from your mum. Lessons such as never going to sleep with wet hair, and how to handle bullies. Cheers mum

4. And her protective nature

There is no-one else who would do anything to keep you safe and out of harms way. Like the time she texted your slimy ex and told him to bugger off because you deserve so much better.

5. Always there for you

Whether it is answering questions on what to with your hair, or giving you a hug when you get fired for the first time, mum’s always got your back.

6. Great role model

All of your greatest attributes and skills such as never giving up, knowing self-defence and how to not ruin your life have all come from watching the way your mum has manoeuvred through life. She taught you the importance of power dressing, and for that you will always be grateful.

7. Sassy AF

Everyone else may be fooled by her sweet nature, but you know that she has a sharp tongue.Like the time she made her hairdresser cry when they didn’t give her the right shade of brunette.

8. And really tough

Don’t be fooled by her frame, because this woman has the strength of Rambo. After all she dealt with you during your rebellious teenage phase, when every week you would be discovered drunk on cheap cider, and quite possibly with a new piercing.

9. Judgement free

The whole world may have judged you that time you decided to channel your inner emo and wear nothing but wide flared jeans, a dog chain, your dad’s skinny ties and colour your hair green. But not mum. Sure she may have not liked it, but she understood that it made you happy and that’s all that matters.

10. Super proud

Remember all those rubbish ‘art works’ you made in nursery consisting of ice lolly sticks, pipe cleaners and a lot of glitter? Well your mum has still kept them safe and sound. Even though they’re really crap, she still thinks she has a budding Van Gogh on her hands.

11. Confidence for days

Have you ever seen this woman turn into a shrinking violet? No. Because she is brimming with more confidence that Beyoncé.

12. Always honest

If you look really nice she’ll tell you. If you look like a dogs dinner, she’ll also give you a little pat and tell you. Can’t get fairer than that.

13. Puts up with you

We’re all a bit annoying here and there, but only mums never seem to mind and love us just the same. bey

14. Has your best interests at heart

There is something extraordinary in knowing that there is always one person who will always give you the best possible advice, and want nothing but greatness for you.

15. Always makes you feel special

Have you ever spoken to your mum when you’re feeling down and left not feeling better? No. Because there is something about a mother’s advice and cuddles that will make you feel like you’re the most special person in the entire world. Information shared from METRO NEWS
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