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Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly products are sold in ½ lb increments at $5.99 per 1/2 lb.

One bag can hold up to approximately 2 pounds – or you can get as many flavors you want in ½ lb increments.


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49 Flavor Assortment

We collected our official flavors and stirred them up for the ultimate Jelly Belly assortment. Only one flavor is left out: Chili Mango. It’s just a little too hot to be eaten randomly.

A&W® Root Beer

Nothing is better than a cold glass of root beer. Jelly Belly has teamed with A&W® to bring you your favorite root-beer-flavor taste in a bean. We use actual A&W® syrup in our true-to-life beans. Grab a handful and enjoy!

Berry Blue

Nothing is nicer than a crystal clear blue sky. Our Berry Blue jelly beans capture this wonderful color and deliver just as refreshing of a taste. Keep a few on hand for when your skies turn gray.


Made with blueberry juice from purée, our Blueberries are sure to please. Created to put the “blue” in the Red, White and Blue of a Presidential Inauguration, our Blueberry beans give you all of the fruit flavor without the risk of staining your favorite shirt.

Bubble Gum

Ever get bubble gum stuck on your shoe? With our Bubble Gum jelly beans, you get all of the flavor without the sticky mess! The flavor lingers throughout your chewing experience.

Buttered Popcorn

Competing for the title of most popular flavor year after year, our Buttered Popcorn is sure to keep popping into your mouth! Even the late Orville was a fan! Makes a perfect snack for movie time or any time.


No need to crack open a coconut to get to the sweet center. Coconut jelly beans bring you all the flavor of the real thing without the hard shell. We use real coconut flakes to bring this tropical treat to life. Grab a handful and be swept away to a faraway island.

Cotton Candy

No fun-filled day at an amusement park would be complete without cotton candy. Lucky for you, we have turned your favorite summer treat into a gourmet jelly bean! Bring back those carefree days when you eat a few of these pink beans.

Dr. Pepper®

The secret syrup in the soda pop flavors this hit that went to the top of the bean chart. The response was so rapturous that it has secured a place in the pantheon of all-time-great jelly beans.

Draft Beer

We have taken your favorite draft beer and turned it into a gourmet jelly bean! Enjoy the authentic taste of a freshly poured draft beer without the alcohol. This fun jelly bean is completed with a jewel-like finish for a fresh from the tap “bubbly” look.

Fruit Bowl Flavors

Fruit lovers rejoice! This whimsical collection is sure to please the eyes as well as the taste buds with an assortment of our most popular fruit flavors.

Green Apple

Jelly Belly Green Apple jelly beans in bulk. Sweet, fruity flavor! Made with real apple juice. Perfect for events like weddings!

Island Punch

In need of a tropical getaway? Then grab some Island Punch jelly beans and be whisked away! Bursting with sweet tropical flavor, this bean is sure to relax you almost as much as your own private beach in the Pacific.

Jewel Collection – 8 flavor varieties

Jelly Belly is proud to present a shimmering collection of jelly beans. Our new Jewel Collection features eight of our most popular flavors dressed up with a beautiful, edible pearlescent finish, adding a shimmer of brilliance to each bean. These glamorous jelly beans make a stylish gift or great addition to party favors and candy buffets.

Juicy Pear

Jelly Belly Juicy Pear jelly beans in bulk. Sweet, fruity flavor! Made with real pear juice from concentrate. Perfect for events like weddings!

Kids Mix

Get the 20 Jelly Belly flavors kids love best in one bag! Kids will flip for it!

Lemon Lime

Jelly Belly Lemon Lime jelly beans in bulk. Sweet, fruity flavor! Perfect for events like weddings!


A happy hour favorite, we have captured the spirit of sharing a margarita with friends (minus the spirits) in a bean. This alcohol-free jelly bean is sure to be a hit on Taco Tuesday or any other day (or night) of the week.

Piña Colada

If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain, then you will love our Piña Colada-flavored jelly beans. They contain real coconut but are alcohol free. Sit back, relax and enjoy this tropical treat with friends.


Fans have been asking for it for years, and it’s finally here. Real pomegranate juice makes Pomegranate just as juicy and delicious as the beloved fruit itself. Best of all, Pomegranate is the first ever Jelly Belly jelly bean to be fortified with Vitamin C and antioxidants. One taste and you’ll think you pulled it from a tree.


Save your fingers and arms from the thorns of a raspberry bush and try our easy-to-pick Raspberry jelly beans! We add real raspberry juice purée to our beans to ensure that true-to-life flavor. You cannot get any more real than these!

Sizzling Cimmamon

If you like your cinnamon with a little something extra, you are sure to love our Sizzling Cinnamon jelly beans. We have taken our cinnamon beans and added a little kick for true heat lovers.

Sour Mix

Your favorite Sour jelly beans

Sunkist® Citrus Mix

True-to-life citrus flavors and Vitamin C too!

Sunkist® Lemon

Jelly Belly Lemon jelly beans in bulk. Sweet, realistic flavor! Perfect for events like weddings!

Sunkist® Tangerine

Need a little citrus pick-me-up? Try our Sunkist® Tangerine jelly beans! Our candy makers use real tangerine juice from concentrate to give these beans that fresh-from-the-orchard taste, all while providing 25% of your daily Vitamin C per serving.

Toasted Marshmallow

Summer campfires mean two things: mosquitoes and toasting marshmallows! We have brought the best part of camping home to help you keep away from the pesky mosquitoes. Just one taste of our Toasted Marshmallow jelly beans and you will be singing your favorite camp songs in no time.

Top Banana

We have taken banana jelly beans to the next level. We use real banana purée to create a bean that is a swinging-from-the-trees good time to eat (without the peel to slip on).

Tropical Mix

Whisk yourself away to a tropical paradise with the Jelly Belly Tropical Mix. Our tropical mix includes 15 of our most exotic flavors, including Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Island Punch, and Coconut.

Tutti Fruitti

Like a beautiful peacock spreading its magnificent, colorful feathers, our Jelly Belly beans are something to behold. Tutti-Fruitti is no exception. A kid favorite, these beans are sure to be a big hit at any birthday party.


What is the best part of summer? Biting into a juicy watermelon at a picnic! Just like the real melon, our beans have a green shell, a red center and are infused with watermelon juice. Just one bite and you will know why this bean is a fan favorite.