5_truffles_box Ashley’s Confectionery offers only the finest Truffles made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure a premium taste. Ashley’s delivers quality chocolates and truffles. Perfect for a holiday gift or gift for Easter. Indulge yourself or buy as a gift. Order Online or Stop-on-by for hand-dipped chocolates and delectable candies. Creamy ice-cream also available in store. How to keep your truffles fresh… Truffles should be stored in a cool, dry place – away from the sun and odors. Because the environment effects the shelf-life of truffles, it’s important to maintain a consistent temperature of 68˚ (or so) with a relative humidity of 55%. This combination will help ensure six months of fresh, flavorful truffles. Also, placing the truffles in an airtight container and freezing them will keep them fresh. However, when it is time to take them out of the freezer, let the truffles reach room temperature in the sealed container – otherwise, they will bloom or perspire. Always enjoy truffles at room temperature, to savor their richness. Buy Now
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